When can I access my storage unit?
All tenants have 24/7 access.
Do I need a reservation?
In most cases no. Our units are first come, first serve. If we have multiple units in one size we can reserve one for you for 2 business days.
How do I rent a unit?
Rent a storage unit in person or online anytime!
What’s the difference between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit?
A drive-up unit is most often a drive-up access unit, located on the first floor of a facility, that gives you the ability to load your belongings directly from a vehicle or truck. An interior unit is within the property and will require you to go inside to access your unit. Temperature control units are spaces that are heated and air conditioned. Our units are kept at 55 degrees in the winter and 78 degrees in the summer. We offer interior and drive-up spaces with climate control.
Do you offer vehicle, boat and RV parking?
Yes we do! We offer outdoor parking for automobiles, trailers, and motorcycles. We have spacious 12x50 outdoor covered parking spaces for RV's, Boats and other vehicles. Head over to our unit prices page to see about types, sizes and prices at each facility.
Do I need my own storage lock?
Feel free to bring your own lock or purchase a lock from us.
Are the facilities safe?
Firehouse Self Storage are fully fenced and require access using a unique security code assigned to each tenant.
If I rent, who can have the code?
You may give your code to anyone you want to have access to your space. Please remember we will only give the code to the tenant whose name is on the contract, in person, with a valid photo ID. We will not give out the code over the phone or via email.
What if I lose the code?
Tenants can refer to their copy of the lease. If the lease cannot be located, the tenant can come into the office and present their photo ID. We will only give the code to the tenant whose name is on the contract, in person with a valid photo ID.
What types of leases are offered?
Our leases are month to month and we offer 12th month free to tenants who would like to pay a year in advance.
What documentation do I need to rent a storage unit?
Valid photo ID. Renters will keep their own renters insurance. We insure the buildings, not the contents.
How do I go about vacating my unit?
We ask that tenants give us a 10 day written notice prior to moving out. Please make sure to move out on or before the last day of the month so that the next month is not owed. We do not prorate move out. What are my payment options?
We offer several convenient ways to pay:
  • Monthly autopay
  • Online payments
  • Mailing in payment
  • Stop in the office to make payment at our office during business hours
  • Drop a check off in our drop box after hours.
*Payments received in drop box after hours will be processed the next business day.
How do late payments work?
Your monthly bill is due on the 1st, but as a courtesy we allow a 5 day grace period. Any payment received after the 5th of the month will be charged a late fee. See lease for details on late fee schedule.